Farjana Iasmin Mim

RJ Profile

RJ Farjana

About Me:I’m a introvert girl who carries a positive attitude and easily
communicate with people . I’m also a self motivated person . I
always consider myself as a brave person .
My Shows:Sasthokothon
Zodiac Sign:Sagittarius 
Personality:Positive person 
RJ-ing Style:
Fashion:boho and bold
Passions:passionate about anything that I love to do
Fav Books:Datta by SharatChandra Chattapadhay
Fav Food:Fuchka,grilled chicken,Halim ,ice cream,chocolate,sea food
Fav Actor:Ayushman khurana
Fav Songs:we don’t talk anymore by charlie puth
Fav Movies:The Shallows
I Love:Food
I Hate:Liar
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