Tangina Afroz Munmun

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RJ Munmun

About Me:I am Tangina Afroz. I am doing my BSc honours from
chemistry. I am fun loving and love to recite poem.I also love
to travel.
My Shows:Tution er golpo
Zodiac Sign:Leo
Personality:Responsible and honest to do my work
RJ-ing Style:Gossiping style
Fashion:Nothing exact
Passions:Wanna be a idol for nation
Fav Books:Putul nacher itikotha
Fav Food:Kacci,roast,pizza,burger etc 
Fav Actor:Shah Rukh Khan
Fav Songs:Koto bar vebecinu apona vuliya
Fav Movies:Pursuit of happyness
I Love:Loyality
I Hate:Lieing
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